A Big Ol' Sale

Hey all! Once again time for another extended sale on the FTAM back catalog. The main goal here is to clear up some space in my office and raise some funds to put out another batch of tapes at some point in the near future. Won't be able to release anything until I do both, so here's your chance to help get some new music into the world by picking up some old tunes!

Here's how it works- $20 ppd (US ONLY) gets one of the following:
-5 Tapes (or)
-1 CD and 3 Tapes (or)
-1 LP and 2 Tapes

This applies to anything from the label or the distro. Just list the albums you want when you send me funds. Paypal to ftamproductions@gmail.com or just click the button below

List Items You Want Here

If you want to see what is avaialable in the distro, please visit my discogs page for a comprehensive list. Here is what is available from FTAM.

Peter J Woods- Shorter Flagpoles
Eli Smith- Generation / Moon Inside
C. Olivia Valenza-Noumena/Bruises
Pleasure Thief-Cthonios
Murder in the Red Barn/Guns Blazing-Space Album/Smell Where the Real Power ‎(2xCass) Kyle Flanagan-Mind Eraser
Taskmaster- S/T
The Smudge/Bachelorette Party/Dan Of Earth/Lucky Bone- We Made Some Sounds
Myrrh/Dinitrophenol/BOOTSLAVE- NWOMHN
Bachelorette Party- Submission of Archival Sonic Documentation: Riverwest, WI 2017​-​2018 ‎Andrea Pensado- As Within So Without
August Traeger- The Harbinger
Underwear- The Crusher
Raffle House- Collected Discography: 1983-2017
Dan Of Earth- Thank You For The Pickles- Lu
Crank Sturgeon- Sitting On Sandwiches / Folk & Gravel
A Bleaker Teen Lip- Downgraded Saved Arrows
Andrew Weathers- Rock & Roll Can And Will Heal Us
Plague Mother- I've Written Pages Of Daggers To Be Read By Your Perfect Fucking Eyes
Justin Marc Lloyd- Elysium Cove Mirror
Peter J. Woods Free Jazz Ensemble- The Foreman. The Woman. The Widow. The Beast.
LOT- Have You Experienced Ultimate Power? Have You Wrapped Your Tiny Fingers Around The Wheel?
xALLxFORxTHISx- Bath Salts B/W Spice
xALLxFORxTHISx- This Is The Disease You Chose
Bridges Of Königsberg- Fortifications
Amanda Schoofs And Peter J. Woods- Early Works
Being- Ghosts Of Reality
Hostage Pageant- Punishment Repetition
Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin- Slunt Vape
Invertabit- Bug Powder Junkie
Citizen 2-13- A Violent Means Til the End
Peter J. Woods Free Jazz Ensemble- Unpublished Studies in Adulthood
Phoned Nil Trio- Milwaukee Architecture: Vol I-V
An Extremely Loud Silence- Rockaby
Partly Zombish- August Cake And The Cardboard Sessions
Nummy- S/T
August Traeger- The Harbinger

Bridges Of Königsberg- Parallel to Borders (or Dividers)
Peter J. Woods- Today Is Horrible

Wertham/xALLxFORxTHISx- To Those Who Murder Bison From The Train
Peter J. Woods- Impure Gold Pt. II
Peter J. Woods- Impure Gold Pt. I