Available now- Moth Bucket/Women of the Pore split tape

Hey there! Welcome back! FTAM continues it's return to the physical realm with a new split tape featuring Moth Bucket and Women of the Pore! Check it out!

Moth Bucket/Women of the Pore- Split

FTAM is proud to return to the cassette format with a split between two incredible proponents of free improvisation's weirder end of the pool. Side A features Moth Bucket, the Pennsylvania duo that draws influence from throughout the history of experimental music (broadly defined). Low lying drones and tape collage techniques sit effortlessly next to the creative music practices of free improvisation's early practitioners like the Art Ensemble of Chicago. On Side B, Women of the Pore take a murkier approach, shifting through heavy swells of sub-bass synths and rhythmic pulses that plod through the landscape. A pixelated take on the early 2000s Ann Arbor scene, perhaps? As a whole, the tape sits outside of a temporal lineage by enacting all of these references simultaneously, an entanglement of past and future that remains deeply rooted in the present.