Big Ol' Sale- 10 Tapes/cds for $50 ppd!

Hey everyone!

I'm getting a new batch together and I have (a) way too much back stock and (b) not enough money. So I'm selling things off for REAL cheap.

Here's the current deal- 10 TAPES OR CDS FOR $50 PPD ANYWHERE IN THE US. That's right, five bucks a tape and that includes shipping. And if you want an LP? Well, trade that out for two tapes or cds (so, like, you could get 8 tapes and 1 LP or 6 tapes and 2 LPs, you can keep doing the math). And if you live outside of the US? Well, it's only going to be $75 ppd. Still a great deal.

To grip, go look through the catalogue, figure out what you want, and then drop your list in the text field below and click buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy now.

List of items you want