Bridges of Königsberg Mini-tour + Traveling Distro

Hello, everyone! Quick update here.

FIRST- If you are in or around Milwaukee next Thursday, I suggest coming to FTAM's first show around these parts in a very long time. Bridges of Königsberg (Myself, Chris Burns and David Collins) will be playing together for the first time in over a year, so you should swing by and see the train wreck! It's going down at the Jazz Gallery and Blessed Sacrifist and August Traeger are both playing, who have played music on their own far more recently than us.

SECONDLY- If you live in Grand Rapids or Toledo, Bridges of Königsberg will be visiting there as well and I will have the FTAM distro with me as well. Swing by if you wanna pick up some tapes or records or cds.

Here is the info for those shows:

Hope to see you there!