Early Warning- Next EES event on September 1st w/ Victoria Shen

So yeah, I got a new album coming out on Friday, but I also have spent some time booking stuff, including THIS-

The Experimental Education Series presents- Victoria Shen
w/ Local Support from August Traeger, Nummber, and Adoptahighway

Jazz Gallery Center for the Atrs (926 E Center St)
All Ages//$6-12 Suggested Donation
Workshop- 4:00
Concert- 8:00

Facebook event- https://www.facebook.com/events/506488616453054/?active_tab=about

Victoria Shen is a visual artist and musician hailing from San Francisco and working out of New England. Shen's sound practice is concerned with the spatiality/physicality of sound and its relationship to the human body. Shen’s music floods its location acting as a form of sculpture. Her music features analog modular synthesizers (Flower Electronics), contact microphones, and other hand-built electronics. These instruments are designed to electronically reproduce chaotic systems, systems which are highly sensitive to small changes in their initial parameters. The resulting music eschews conventions in harmony and rhythm in favor of the extreme textures and gestural tones.


The 2018 Experimental Education Series is a quarterly music and education series presented by FTAM Productions, Freespace, WMSE, and the UW-Madison Network Fellowship. The four performances, spread out across 2018 but all happening at the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts, will have two big goals: educate and amplify.

In regards to education, a workshop or lecture will accompany all four performances earlier in the day. These events will provide audience members with a glimpse into both the process of the featured performer and what these performers value and look for in experimental music. This focus will allow those new to experimental music to become acquainted with this often opaque genre and also give those seasoned listeners a chance to dig deeper into these fantastic artists’ work.

As for amplification, the programming for EES specifically aims to amplify the voices of female artists in experimental music. In an attempt to battle (in some small part) the false notion that experimental music, and noise in particular, is nothing but a boys club, all of the featured performers are either women or groups featuring women. And they also happen to be some of the best artists working in any genre, so there’s also that.

The EES is presented by
FTAM PRODUCTIONS- http://ftamproductions.com/
FREESPACE- https://freespacemke.wordpress.com/
WMSE- http://www.wmse.org/
THE JAZZ GALLERY CENTER FOR THE ARTS- http://www.riverwestart.org/
UW-MADISON NETWORK FELLOWS- http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~saikat/projects/network_site/