Favorite Albums of 2016

Slowly turning this more and more into a platform for whatever I think, which I guess it always has been. Regardless, I heard a lot of great music in 2016 and these are the albums I loved. Highly suggest searching all of them out. FTAM releases were not included out of an attempt to reduce bias, but I'm guessing all four tapes I put out would have found there way on here.

1: Sarah Hennies- Gather and Release

2: Olivia Block- Dissolution

3: J. Soliday- Gasp Check

4: Clipping- Splendor and Misery

5: Climax Denial- Finishing Touch

6: The Mercury Program- New Myths

7: Gauss- Thalweg

8: Joe Colley- No Way In

9: Puce Mary- The Spiral

10: Howard Stelzer- The Case Against

11: Forced Into Femininity- I'm Making Progress

12: The Reptilian- End Paths

13: Bomp Treb- Concession Themes

14: The Conformists- DIVORCE

15: Guerilla Toss- Eraser Stargazer

16: White Lung- Paradise

17: Gerritt Wittmer- Unknowns

18: Clipping- Wriggle

19: Temper- Poverty in Beauty

20: Chippendale/Gustaffson/Pupillo- Melt

21: Girls and God- Mannerism

22: Soliday & Gray- Icebreakers

23: Honeymooners- Night Beach

24: Closet Burner- Disappointment. Death. Dishonor.

25: -1- (-1)

26: V/A- For Robert