Favorite Albums of 2017

Here is a list of all of the albums that I heard in the past year that really struck a chord with me, organized almost arbitrarily but not entirely. This also does not include music I recorded or released (some of which I am very fond of). Debate and enjoy!

  1. David Phillips- Rise

Full review here

2. Yowie- Synchromysticism

3. Aaron Dilloway- The Gag File

Full review here

4. Andrew Weathers Ensemble- Build A Mountain Where Our Bodies Fall

5. Guillermo Pizarro- Harmonic Poems

Full review here

6. Godspeed, You! Black Emperor- Luciferian Towers

7. Migos- Culture
8. Moth Cock- 0-100 at the Speed of the Present
9. Guerilla Toss- GT Ultra
10. Do Make Say Think- Stubborn Persistent Illusions
11. Billington/Shippy/Wyche- S/T
12. David Scanlon- Coupling Duet
13. Ostraca- Last
14. Snag- S/T
15. Detenzione- Vol. I

Full review here

16. Glochids- Ni Fila

17. The Eradicator- The Eradicator
18. Sult/Marhaug- Harpoon
19. Gnarwhal- Crucial
20. Underwear- Secrets $$$$
21. Leaf Kickers- You Went Gospel On Me
22. Skull Kid- Protection Charm
23. Shimmer- S/T
24. Formless Hours- Counting
25. Angelwings Marmalade- Rectangular Prism of Shitty Eyes Vol. 7
26. Apollo Vermouth- Crashing Into Nowhere
27. Andrew Weathers/Seth Chrisman- Ogallala
28. Guillermo Pizarro- For Those Departed