First two shows of 2018 announced


I will hopefully have a flurry of new information for all of you coming soon. The semester is at its very end and I am starting to get my head back into the music game.

The first bit of news: FTAM will be hosting two different shows in January. Here are the details.

Pyramid Dust - IL/IA harsh noise super group featuring members of Boar, I Like You Go Home, and Culled
Peter J. Woods - Theatrical Harsh Noise
Dregol - Electronic weirdness from members of Names Divine

Quarter's Rock and Roll Palace//21+//$6.00

January 22nd
Drool - Catchy noise rockers from Chicago
The Mall - Weirdo punk from members of Lucky Bone and Red Lodge

High Dive//21+//Free (donations encouraged)

Cya there!