Getting back into it (with a full catalog sale)

Hey everyone!

Things have been quiet around here for a minute. A global pandemic will do that I guess. Can't really set up shows right now, huh? I also decided after last summer that I wasn't going to release any new physical music until I had a more secure financial situation, so it's been doubly quiet for that reason.

WELL GUESS WHAT?! I got a job! And that means I'm gonna start dropping new physical media soon! Hell yeah!

With that in mind, I want to clear out somethings and raise a few funds. And that means another sale! This time around, I'm offering everything currently available in the FTAM catalog for $75 ppd. That's roughly 50 release that will show up at your door step for about $1.50 per release. Pretty sick huh?

That price is only for US orders, but international is only slightly more. Now get on it!

Buy the whole FTAM catalog


Don't want that much music? That's cool! I'm also still doing the usual "6 tapes for $20" deal! And here is the button for that:

6 Tapes for $20 Sale

List Items You Want Here

Next time you hear from me, there will probably be a new release in tow. Cya then!