Love for the new batch

The new batch has been out for a minute now, and a few people have been nice enough to write some nice words about the music. Check it out!

"There's somethin here now that wasn't there before - this is WEATHERS at his best, i'd say it is his best without hesitation except his best might be yet to come"

"Some people might find the title of this album misleading, but those people would be squares."

"The music often depends on urgency, a willingness to be extreme with respect to volume, and presenting ebbs and flows in the sound to avoid monotony. By that measure, the live set and the reworkings succeed."

"There is something about the phrase "Rock & Roll Can And Will Heal Us", spruced up with a rainbow gradient, on top of a pink/purple gradient that let's you know everything will be okay. That magic is real. That pure love exists. Whenever you are feeling absolutely drained grab this cover, hold it skin to JCard, and repeat the mantra "I can and will be healed.""

(Also check out MUFF in their podcast here-

"It’s a hulking, skulking, growling slab of sonic upheavals, truly a worthy sum of ABTL’s storied parts (you’ve read my Vertonen reviews, right? study up, Cerbs nerdz!) that keeps giving long after it could reasonably have pitched its tent and pissed on its campfire."

All of these jams, along with the Crank Sturgeon jam are available in the store. Check them out, friends!