Low numbers! Last chance!

Hello everyone! Did an inventory yesterday and realized I have extremely limited amounts of the following releases:

-Peter J. Woods Free Jazz Ensemble "My Head is a Sledge Hammer" cs (2 Copies)
-Nummy "S/T" cs (13 Copies)
-Hostage Pageant "Punishment Repetition" cs (13 copies)

I've pulled them from the store just to keep track of numbers, but you can still grab them from me. Just send me an email at ftamproductions@gmail.com to see if there is stock left.

In fact, first two people who contact me can pick up all three for $10 ppd (in the US) and I'll sell ya two of them for $8 ppd (in the US). Still think these three releases are some of the strongest the label has ever put out.

Safe travels on the world wide web.