Massive Sale- Full Catalog for CHEAP.

Hello again, everyone!

I'm about to put in an order for another batch of FTAM tapes, which means I want to get rid of stuff and also make money at the same time. So you know what that means- MASSIVE SALE TIME.

This time around, I'm selling THE ENTIRE AVAILABLE FTAM CATALOG FOR $150 PPD (US Orders Only). As of right now, that includes 50 tapes, 12 cds, 3 LPS, and 1 7" record. The whole thing, if I crunched the numbers, would probably crack $500 plus shipping, so it's a pretty wild deal. But the deal also gets worse every time someone buys it: I only have one copy of the Noveller 7" left and two copies of the Hypertrophy and Taskmaster tapes. So order quick if you want in!

So if you're interested, here's the button. (Remember- US Orders Only)

Also, get stoked on this batch- it's gonna be good.