My Favorite Albums of 2019

Been a minute since I've posted, but a silly music journalism tradition will bring you out of the wood work apparently. Here are my favorite albums I have heard in the past year, put into something of an order and excluding music I released or showed up on. Enjoy the list!

1: Pedestrian Deposit- Dyers’ Hands

2: Clipping- There Existed an Addiction to Blood

3: Straight Panic- God is the Giver of the Gift

4: Moor Mother- Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes

5: Dent- Bao Bei

6: Drool- Drool II

7: Thee Reps- Minimal Surface

8: Interracial Sex- Forced Busing

9: Snag- Snag

10: Sarah Hennies- Reservoir 1

11: Imelda Marcos- Tatlo

12: Earl Sweatshirt- Feet of Clay

13: POOL- Jim Day 1995

14: Cloud Rat- Pollinator

15: Limbs Bin- Blast Anthemics For A New Generation Of Ecstatic Youth

16: No Artist- 101 Notes on Jazz

17: JPEGMAFIA- All My Heroes Are Cornballs

18: Claire Rousay- t4t

19: Rusalka- Flux A and B

20: Crank Sturgeon- Fyjk​/​Furd

21: Like Weeds- Ourselves Alone

22: Climax Denial- Blackout Suite

23: Lea Bertucci- Resonant Field

24: Jon Mueller- Canto

25: Skingraft- Condemned

26: Vasculae- New Orthodoxy

27: Stelzer/Murray- Commuter

28: Shimmer- And I Revel

29: Gangstalker- Demo

30: Jobs- Similar Canvas

31: Controlled Opposition- Fullspectrum Dominance

32: Rosenau & Sanborn- Bluebird

33: Underwear- Trumpet, Tuba, Bass Clarinet

34: Jerome’s Dream- LP

35: Candy Ricotta- Fuck You Pay Me

36: xexyz- Melt EP