My Favorite Albums of 2020

Dang, I really did not post a lot on here this past year. Luckily, I have some new things in the release pipe coming up for next year. Here's to 2021 being productive! But to make up for the lack of things, here is a very long list of all of the albums I listened to this past year that I enjoyed (not including my own stuff, of course). And there were WAY more than I have listened to in past years. So let's dive in.

Ono- Red Summer

Horse Lords- The Common Task

Claire Rousay- a heavenly touch

Nnamdi- Brat

Wendy Eisenberg- Auto

Cages- A World in Song

Form Hunter- S/T

Clipping- Visions of Bodies Being Burned

Moor Mother/Billy Woods- Brass

Dan of Earth- Equivocator

Jobs- Endless Birthdays

June of 44- Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories In The Time Of Love And Survival

Dave Phillips- Post Homo Sapiaens

Skin Graft/John Wiese- Accesible World

Cloning- Walking in Silt

Prants- Axon Ladder

Speaker Music- Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry

Ahlzagailzeguh- Ex-Life

Andrew Weathers Ensemble- The Thousand Birds in the Earth, the Thousand Birds in the Sky

Howard Stelzer - Invariably Falling Forward, Into the Thickets of Closure

Llano Discs- Plays Wind Tide

Victoria Shen- Hair Birth

Olivia Block/Sarah Hennies- Yarn/Wire Currents, vol. 6

Siavash Amini- A Memesis of Nothing

Asha Sheshadri- No Longer a Soundtrack

Phasing- Lapis Lazuli

Soul Glo- Songs to Yeet at the Sun

Nicholas Elert- Infinity Gate

Joe Hassick- Skin Walker

Armand Hammer- Shrines

Strangled Cop- Merciless

Twig Harper- External Boundless Prison/in 4 Parts EP

Wretched Worst- Undressed by Fleas

Moth Cock- Mystics and Statistics

Sunk Heaven- Apex Plummet

Pillbug Junction- Murder in the Zoo

Neural Goldberg- Flash Fouls

Deathroes- Inhuman Comedy

Fiona Apple- Fetch the Bolt Cutters

Judith Hamann- Music for Cello and Humming


Irreversible Entanglements- Who sent you?

Lorenz York Duo- Four Suits

Matmos- The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises in Group Form

Plague Walker- Para Mis Enemigos

Luer- Glass House

Scratchy Blanket- Something for Everyone

Boy Dirt Car- Venice Beach

Will Guthrie- Nist Nah

Regional Headbutting Technique- No Signal

Apologist- Dirt Road

Amanda Schoofs- Intimate Addictions

Moor Mother- Circuit City

Crank Sturgeon/Matt Luczak- Split

Apaixonar- Artesenato

Andrea Pensado- Vocal Studies #8

Soup Moat- Be Brave, Run Away

Pavda with Amanda Schoofs- Sound Poems

Louis Bock- Abyss: For Cello

Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat- Genetic

Divorce Butcher- Debaucherous Burtheries

Mira Martin-Gray- Stick Control for the Air Dummer

Wasteland Jazz Unit- Strayed from Relief Statures

Sarah Hennies- Foragers

Alice Kemp- Songs in the Key of NO

Josh Landes- Provincial Electronics

BAND- Placeholder Name

Limbs Bin/Diagram A- Totaled

Slit Throats- Doberman Loyalty

Andrew Weathers/David Menstres- LB_146

R Falknor/Moth Bucket- Split

Xiphoid Dimentia- Prison of Hope

Andrew Weathers- Recordings With Guitar

Jeff Carey- Index[off]

Wendy Eisenberg- Dehiscence (2020)

Schneider Collaborations- Schneider/Corder

Courtis Posset- Balanceo Y Vaiven

Roman Candle- S/T

Anglewings Marmalade- Angel Hair 7”

More Eaze/Claire Rousay- if I don't let myself be happy now then when?

Beauty Work- Liquid Sugar

Jim Haynes- Incomplete

Rosso Polare- Lettre Animali

Jon Mueller- A Presence Held

Feedback Queen- Anti-Music Brigade

Black Quantum Futurism- Black Communal Time Rising


Special Interest- The Passion Of

Names- Et Tu & The Warning

Justin Von Strasburg- 20200406105420JPG (GRASS AND SIDEWALK)

Whisker- Straight From the Bottle

Daniel Menche- Smoke


Bromp Treb- Stasis

Claire Rousay- it was always worth it

The Modern Folk & Andrew Weathers - Five Remote Duos

Soliday- Plastics

Mute Duo- Lapse in Passage

Territorial Gobbing- Gut me and Pull the Lunchbox Out

Ka Baird/Muyassar Kurdi- Voice Games

Andrew Weathers- The Land Ethic, Second Autumn 2020

Kingston Family Singers- Second Grand Ashlar

C Vadi- Geology Volume 1

Straight Panic- Anthropobscenity

tampertamper- continue to

Perlesvaus- Those Things Below with Those Above

Shedding- Flocking 19

The End, I love you!- Beautiful Heart Ripped Out of a Farmhouse

Dream Crusher- Another Country

Shame- I Don’t Like You

21/Borisov- Halo of Dust

Whether- Heir Bud

Z’ev/DeWaard/Nyland- S/T

The Smudge- Foundry

Daniel Ditlevson- Impression Send

Sam Moss- Shapes

Warren Enström- Acoustics

V/A- Hold Music

David B. Collins- Asivak

Telechrome- Figure and Ground

PCRV/Chefkirk- Split

Tasting Menu- Mueller Tunnel
Schneider Collaborations- Schneider/(Z)erpent

Paul Hoskin/Cody Yantis- Georgetown Archive

Xexyz- Leutogi

Rebecca Lee/Marie Thompson- A + B

Tanner Menard- san francisco: an audiophony in four movements