My Favorite Albums of 2021

Hello again and welcome to the end of another year!

As is tradition, here are my favorite albums that I heard this year that I was not a part of writing, recording, or releasing in any way. Each one of these albums struck some sort of chord with me and are loosely arranged from "things I listened to/thought about" the most to the least. But even if its at the bottom, I still listened to it and thought about it. Just maybe not as much.

Here it is. Hope you find something new to listen to!

  1. Charmaine Lee- KNVF

  2. Haptic- Weird Undying Annihilation

  3. Sallow- Cloud of Thought

  4. Dave Scanlon- Pink in each, bright blue, bright green

  5. Scald Hymn- Instance of Home

  6. Editrix- Tell Me I’m Bad

  7. Hanzo Hasashi- Ikigai

  8. Irreversible Entanglements- Open the Gate

  9. Wendy Eisenberg- Bent Ring

  10. Thirdface- Do It With a Smile

  11. Armand Hammer & The Alchemist- Haram

  12. ID M theft able- Well I Fell in Love With the Eye at the Bottom of the Well

  13. Joe Colley- Trance Tapes

  14. sigh- Pulse Demon (but its just my voice)

  15. Low- HEY WHAT

  16. Plague Mother- Carrying Your Halo

  17. Form Hunter- Violent Adaption

  18. Claire Rousay- a softer focus

  19. Empty Heaven- Getting the Blues

  20. Himukalt- Dreaming of a Dead Girl

  21. Wasteland Jazz Unit- Assembled Rejection

  22. Will Guthrie & James Rushford- Real Real World

  23. tampertamper- because: lately

  24. White People Killed Them- S/T

  25. Roscoe Mitchell & Mike Reed- the Ritual and the Dance

  26. Black Midi- Cavalcade

  27. Developer- Stand in my Shadow Forever

  28. Hypertrophy- Sarcoplasmic/Myofibrillar

  29. J Soliday- Garble Blox

  30. Kjostad- Warlord

  31. CBN- Crimes Against White America

  32. Weeping Mask- Molten Sore

  33. Daniel Wyche- Earthwork

  34. MPW- Personal Information

  35. Kyle Flanagan- Studded Middle Finger

  36. Kjostad- Knuckle Gash

  37. Moor Mother- Black Encyclopedia of the Air

  38. Neural Goldberg- doppler doppelgänger

  39. Whisker- Moon Mood

  40. v/a- Sounds of Pamoja

  41. Two of the Dragon- Prelude for the Triumphant Man

  42. Wendy Eisenberg- Cellini’s Halo

  43. Suppression / Sedem Minút Strachu- Brief Manifestations

  44. Apaixonar- Vida e Visão

  45. Snag- Death Doula

  46. Hollow Hecatomb- Procession of Evil

  47. Dave Phillips- to death

  48. Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt- Lucy & Aaron

  49. Katya Shirskova- Pond

  50. Yautja- The Lurch

  51. Mukqs- My Most Personal Album to Date

  52. V/A- Confessional


  54. Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra- Promises

  55. FUDGY- The Now End of the Universe

  56. V/A- Beside you in Strength

  57. Geomag- Below the River Above the Air

  58. Softer Drive- Four of Horses

  59. Sandy Ewan & Lisa Cameron- See Creatures Too

  60. Chris Burns- Manifest

  61. Mara Fisher- New Ruins

  62. Recombinants Feat. Ironing- S/T

  63. C Vadi- The Lyre

  64. Hedra Rowan- nothing's wrong, now you're beside me again

  65. The Concept Horse- Fills Vol. I-IV

  66. Trilogy- Council of the Gods

  67. Andrew Weathers- Catalogs

  68. Tourette- Echarce

  69. Limbs Bin- Burnt White Elephant

  70. Luer- Dimmed Acceleration

  71. Ghost Dance- Indian Babies: How to Keep Them Well

  72. Victory Over the Sun- Nowherer


  74. Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt- Made Out of Sound

  75. Raymond Cummings- Modulate Yourself

  76. Lea Bertucci- A Visible Length of Light

  77. Rush Falknor- Hello From the Lover

  78. Wet Mirror- Cartoon Power Electronics

  79. Climax Denial- Asexual Electricity

  80. Cienfuegos- Adios

  81. Bran(…)pos / DJ Headboggle- Shrewd Wads / MPC Demo

  82. Fred Lonberg-Holm- Hey Fred!

  83. Peroxide- Twisted In the Wild

  84. ARKM Foam- Farther Afield

  85. Annie Grizzle- I wake with eyes the sound of clarinet

  86. Patrick Charbonnier & Lionel Marchetti- DE L'ANGLE MORT / 2021 ~ electronic music

  87. Like Weeds- Until There is Nothing Left

  88. Envenomist- 9th Black Chapel

  89. Olivia Block- October, 1984

  90. Michael Foster & Ben Bennet- Contractions

  91. Siavash Amini- A Trail of Laughters

  92. V/A- Perception

  93. Mommy- S/T

  94. Gas Chamber/Black Iron Prison- Public Humiliation II

  95. Godspeed, you! Black Emperor- G d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!

  96. Fancisco Meirino- A New Instability

  97. Andrew Weathers & C. Yantis- Crag Atlas

  98. Temper- Day for Night

  99. Lina Tullgren- Visiting

  100. Shana Sordahl- Mt Diablo Vista

  101. dave phillips- don't hurt me for your pretty (中国实地录音)

  102. Fog of Joy- S/T

  103. Lorenzo Abattoir- Ostensione

  104. Kevin Corcoran/Jacob Felix Heule- Erosion

  105. Bill Orcutt- Empire of Hurt Feelings

  106. Terrence Hannum- Dissolving the Bonds

  107. Taskmaster- Dedicated to ZK

  108. Max Jaffe- FRWD

  109. Tender Crust- FS100

  110. Charles Barabé- l’ennui

  111. Jacob Winans/Andrea Pensado- Handle With Care

  112. Scathing- Pale Faced Fenders

  113. Pulse Emitter- Voids

  114. Brett Nauke- Cumulative Index

  115. De Golden Lepel- S/T

  116. Alex York- Music in Shadows

  117. B L A C K I E - From the Darkness II

  118. Havadine Stone- Hyena

  119. Mora-tau- The 100 Tales

  120. Howard Stelzer- I've Told You Once (Suburban Observances Volume Two)

  121. The Modern Folk- primitive future/lyran group

  122. Partly Zombish- August Cake and the Woods

  123. Aaron Turner/Jon Mueller- In the Falls

  124. Andrew Weathers- Land Ethic, Winter 2021

  125. Andrew Weathers- Land Ethic, Second Spring, 2021

  126. Andreas Brandal- Subterranean Nerve Endings

  127. Max Eibacher- Telescope Casual

  128. Dura- Mercury

  129. White Suns- The Lower Way

  130. Angelwings Marmalade- Angelic Area

  131. Background Noise Ensemble- Metal Lake Reservoir

  132. Doll- Comfort is the Disease

  133. V/A- Tour Mode

  134. Thom Nguyen- Exits

  135. Gafael- Yng Nghysgod y Mynydd

  136. Winfried Muhlum-Pyrapheros- Musica Nova Contemplativa

  137. Degrowth- Demo

  138. Prayer Rope- Beyond This Place of Wrath and Tears

  139. Terror Suspect- Demo II

  140. Lauren Sarah Hayes- Embrace