My Favorite Albums of 2022

I know that ranking your favorite albums of the year is a bit passe at this point, but I like to do it anyway as a way to boost all of the music I loved again as the year comes to a close. That in mind, here is every single album from 2022 that I (a) had nothing to do with (playing on it, releasing it, etc.) and (b) enjoyed listening to during 2022, ranked in a general order from "stuff I thought about and listened to the most" to "stuff I listened to once, enjoyed, and didn't return too." But even those albums at the bottom of the list are still great and deserve a good listen!

Ok, that's enough. Here's what I enjoyed this year:

  1. Sexual Jeremy- The Real Sexual Jeremy

  2. Puce Mary- You Must Have Been Dreaming

  3. All six albums released by Lucky Bone this year, but especially Music Box Memories (and other pandoras)

  4. Rudolph & Will Guthrie- H I L T

  5. Moth Cock- Whipped Stream and Other Earthly Delights

  6. Wasteland Jazz Ensemble- S/T

  7. Matmos- Regards/Ukłony dla Bogusław Schaeffer

  8. Suncarcass- Flower Crown

  9. Asha Sheshadri- Interior Monologues

  10. Sewer Election/Charmaine Lee- Navigation I Inre Och Yttre Landskap

  11. Joe Colley- Deformation of Tone

  12. Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant avec Folie à Quatre- Seances

  13. Cyrus Pireh- Still Here, Still Ripping + Visitor

  14. Kate Rissiek- Delayed Signals

  15. Editrix- Editrix II Editrix Goes to Hell

  16. Soul Glo- Diaspora Problems

  17. Moth Drakula- S/T

  18. Like Weeds- Renegade Settlement

  19. Mary Halvorson- Amaryllis

  20. Saajtak- For the Makers

  21. Horse Lords- Comradely Objects

  22. Teen Prime- no. 5 (but also 1-4)

  23. Diamanda Galas- Broken Gargoyles

  24. Extra Life- Secular Works, Vol. 2

  25. Id m theft able- ...l...e...t...t...i...n...g...s...

  26. Territorial Gobbing- Three Chords and a Haircut

  27. Andrew Weathers- Dryfall

  28. Torschlusspanik- intersexual healing

  29. New Monuments- Language is the Skin

  30. Developer- I’m Sorry, I’m Crazy, I Miss You

  31. Perverts in White Shirts- Meaning What Exactly?

  32. OXBOW & Peter Brötzmann- An Eternal Reminder of Not Today / Live at Moers

  33. Oren Ambarchi- Shebang

  34. NNAMDÏ- Please Have a Seat

  35. Shiroishi/Tiesenga- empty vessels

  36. Fred Moten / Brandon López / Gerald Cleaver- S/T

  37. Jon Mueller- The Future is Unlimited, Always

  38. Cloud Rat- Threshold

  39. Chat Pile- God’s Country

  40. Retribution Body- Baphomet

  41. J Soliday- A Certain Nausea of Forms

  42. Skin Graft- Final Judgement

  43. Lucas Abela- Making Corner/Full Body Promise

  44. Anthony Amelang- Traumland

  45. Slit Throats- Joshi Noise Worship: The Blood Quest of Risa Sera

  46. Coppice- Observatory Sound: Simulated Diffusion in the Likeness of the Yerkes Observatory

  47. Manja Ristić- Him, fast sleeping, soon he found In labyrinth of many a round, self-rolled

  48. Demonologists w/ Junko- Nure-Onna

  49. Aaron Turner & Jon Mueller- Bow That You’ve Found It

  50. Developer/Luer- Split

  51. Hypertrophy- Trading Pain

  52. Kee Avil- Crease

  53. Flower-Corsano Duo- The Halcyon

  54. Neural Goldberg- a single grawlix

  55. Multiform Palace- Future Mirror

  56. The Bozo Big Shit Garbage Band- Crusher With mouth

  57. Earl Sweatshirt- SICK!

  58. Oort Smog Every Motherfucker is your Brother

  59. Durian Brow- The Third Brow

  60. Enzo Minarelli- De Revolutionbus

  61. Moor Mother- Jazz Codes

  62. Sza- SOS

  63. Codeine- Dessau

  64. The Center for Understanding New Trigonometries- Shapes, for Experts

  65. Manas- Live at Ace of Cups

  66. Bill Orcutt- Music for Four Guitars

  67. Angelwings Marmalade- I Declare Bankruptchy

  68. Björk- fossora

  69. Piri Reis- Ritma

  70. Jetski- Reflex Engine

  71. Keiji Haino- My lord Music, I most humbly beg your indulgence in the hope that you will do me the honour of permitting this seed called Keiji Haino to be planted within you

  72. Jordan Reyes- Everything is Always

  73. Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective- Ngủ Ngày Ngay Ngày Tận Thế

  74. Guerilla Toss- Famously Alive

  75. Ben Vida + Lea Bertucci- Murmurations

  76. Social Catepillar- When You Woke Up to Dances of Light

  77. Justin Von Strasburg- lowercase trees

  78. Groan Man- S/T

  79. Alex York- Buenos Aires 1899

  80. Envenomist & Θ- The Barrens

  81. Network Glass and Jason Crumer- Prerequisite

  82. Bromp Treb- Bald Eagle Over Food City

  83. Andrew Weathers- Sciatic Assemblage

  84. Fog of Joy- S/T

  85. Daniel Bachman- Almanac Behind

  86. 700 Bliss- Nothing to Declare

  87. Mariam Rezaei- SADTITZZZ

  88. Tatu Metsätähti & Olli Hänninen- Repullinen Skittejä

  89. Antoine Chessex, Francisco Meirino, Jérôme Noetinger- Maiandros

  90. Logan Heuer- The Pattern

  91. Nick Grunerud- 300 Percent Will Power!

  92. Tontine Ensemble- Dogma Protocol

  93. Stress Orphan- Raid

  94. v/a- Get This: 32 tracks for Free- A Tribute to Peter Rehberg

  95. Sontag Shogun- Flutter & Scrape

  96. Necking- Final Embers of Sunlight

  97. Carl Stone- We Jazz Reworks Vol. 2

  98. v/a- Dedicated to Zbigniew Karkowski 2

  99. Bridget Ferrill & Áslaug Magnúsdóttir- Woodwind Quintet

  100. Cecyl Ruehlen- Levitation Elixir

  101. Without- Be Corny

  102. Large Print- In the Clouds

  103. Kendraplex- Two Rivers

  104. La Roche- Liye Liye

  105. Cloning- Wet Circuits

  106. Apologist- turnout

  107. PCRV- Utopia

  108. Model Home- Saturn in the Basement

  109. Ripe Tooth- Hope It Rot

  110. Marja Ahti & Judith Hamann- A coincidence is perfect, intimate attunement

  111. Bardo Todol- El Violín Dorado, El Violín Arabe

  112. Kendrick Lamar- Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers

  113. Bill Nace- Live in Jersey City

  114. Cheryl E. Leonard- Antarctica: Music From the ice

  115. ShrapKnel- Metal Lung

  116. Phirnis- Chill Noise

  117. Storage Unit Music- S/T

  118. Benjamin Vanweelden- Victim of the Bermuda

  119. Piercing- Luxurious Ephemera

  120. Nancy Mounir- Nozhet El Nofous

  121. Open mike eagle- a tape called component system with the auto reverse

  122. Territorial Gobbing- Suffer for Succotash Suffer For Succotash by Territorial Gobbing

  123. Anglewings Marmalade- God with the Lights Off

  124. Matt Carlson- Bowling Alone

  125. Early Routines- Feedback Ring

  126. Guillermo Pizarro- Black Slabe 4: Two Compositions for Mater Tenebarum

  127. Dave Phillips- Cicada Trance

  128. Shanna Sordahl- So She Shone/So They Shone

  129. Mold Omen- Billy Bones His Fancy

  130. Akira Sileas- No-input Miniatures

  131. Signe Lidén & Espen Sommer Eide- Vertical Studies: Archival Spirals

  132. The Smudge- NMNP

  133. Jacob Wick- Standards

  134. Zach Rowden- False Positive

  135. Head Boggle- Dual Piano

  136. SOLIDAY / GUTZEIT- Numbers

  137. DerekGedaleciaToriKudoRichHoush- Filled in a moment, taken away in a moment

  138. Spiders Band- S/T

  139. Beast Nest- Sicko

  140. N Chambers- Mirage Colony

  141. Andrew Bernstein- a presentation

  142. Pinkcourtesyphone- shouting at nuance

  143. Charmaine Lee/Fred Lonberg-Holm/Gabby Fluke-Mogul/Joanna Mattrey/Weston Olencki- Live in Accord

  144. Tran Uy Duc- Came

  145. Manja Ristić- Rings of Water

  146. C. Reider- feedback systems January 2022

  147. Onur Żłobnicki- 355/113

  148. Leya- Eyeline

  149. Prayer Rope- Synodus Horrenda

  150. Like Weeds/Bastard Noise- Human Free Eden

  151. CC Sorenson- Twin Mirror

  152. Christoper Luna-Mega- Times Arrow

  153. Lia Kohl- Too Small to be a Plain

  154. Seth Andrew Davis- Highways Jammed with Broken Heroes

  155. Azhdarchids- The Great Dying

  156. v/a- Tapes Ruin Tapes

  157. Yeule- Glitch Princess

  158. Pete Cann- Lens Deficiency

  159. v/a- Fargo Noise 2022