New Batch + New Site

Friends! Welcome to the new FTAM site. Figured now that I've moved back to Milwaukee, it was the perfect time to get rid of that highly memorable url that I have been using for years.

Along with the new site is a brand new batch of music! New tapes from the fantastic Andrew Weathers, Crank Sturgeon, MUFF and A Bleaker Teen Lip. Check out the store page for more information, or just head on over to our bandcamp page for digital versions.

I will also be occasionally hosting shows in Milwaukee again, including one on October 6th for the return of Bridges of Konigsberg at the Jazz Gallery. So stay tuned for that.

Finally, since the new site is up and running, I will be switching my email account over to so feel free to get at me there. I will also be rebuilding my newsletter, so send me an email if you want all the updates from FTAM to go straight to your email address.