New Shirts and an Old Sale

Hey friends!

It's spring (sort of) so I'm starting to gear up for another batch on from the label. Thew next Bridges of Konigsberg is already slated to come out on March 22nd (and you can even pre-order from the fine folks at Flag Day Recordings if you want). We're also gonna drop a massive tape batch in early June and an LP soon after.

Part of gearing up for new jams involves raising funds and clearing space for in my office to house all these releases. With that in mind, check it out:

You saw these before, but I have a small amount left over after the pre-orders. I'm leaving them on the bandcamp page so I don't accidentally sell to many. Click here if you want to see what's left.

We've done this one before too, but pick up any 6 tapes, cd's, or 7"s for $25 ppd in the US. I'll also swap out any 3 tapes with an LP.

List tapes/LPS here