New Show Announcement- J Soliday on 2/10

Hey Friends! Got a new one to announce

Saturday, February 10th
J SOLIDAY (Chi)- Mad ripper of all things noise and experimental. Extreme sense of whiplash never stops as Soliday slams from one sub genre in the most effortless way imaginable. One of the best working today.

BACHELORETTE PARTY- Collaboration between vocalist Amanda Schoofs and noise artist Peter J. Woods. Heavy early industrial vibes rub against operatic vocal improvisations.

BRENT GUTZEIT- Glacial drones that ebb and decay just beyond the scope of noticing, slowly moving the listener to places they never anticipated. On Kranky records.

The Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts (926 E Center St)
All Ages//8:00//$6-12 Donation

Hope to see you there! Here's the facebook event