New Show Update- UNDERWEAR on March 10th


I am very excited for a lot of things! Lea Bertucci and The Smudge at the EES and NKC (respectively) this month is exciting, but so is this new show! Check it out!

Sunday, March 10th
UNDERWEAR- The legend from New Haven, CT makes his first Milwaukee appearance. Crooning R&B and soul run through the gauntlet of broken gear and compositional oddities. Every show teeters on the edge of failure in the most exciting way possible.

PLEASURE THIEF- Dark R&B rituals for the mystical anti-capitalists out there. From Cat of NO/NO.

TAYLOR CAMPBELL- Smooth jazz and soul jams for the clinically depressed. Straddling the border between ecstasy and a full on collapse of social functions. Member of Suffer Head, One More Final I Need You.

Brinn Labs (433 Stewart)
All Ages//8:00//$6-12 Sliding Scale