New tape from Peter J. Woods Available NOW + Sales on Full Summer Batch

Hey everyone! Summer keeps chugging along and I have one more tape to drop before we're done releasing new stuff over here at camp FTAM. Check it out:

Peter J. Woods- Shorter Flagpoles

Following in the footsteps of a highly productive 2018, Shorter Flagpoles continues the meta-political work of Peter J. Wood by critically responding to the current moment both at a structural and individual level. Aesthetically, the work fits right in with PJW's recent output: heavy drones, destroyed text, harsh blasts, and long silences fill both sides of this tape to create an unsettling affect. Includes studio versions of the sets performed during the 2018 tour with Gerritt Wittmer and the 2019 tour with Christopher Burns.


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Everything from the summer batch!

That's right, you can get everything released during the summer of 2019 for one low price. That includes nine different tapes AND an LP! Grip it quick!


Can't remember everything that dropped? Well here's the rest of it!

Eli Smith- Generation / Moon Inside

More fresh blood from Milwaukee. Eli Smith has been absolutely tearing up Milwaukee's experimental music underground lately. Recent sets have involved processed acoustic guitar that gets completely mangled and rearranged in Pure Data, pushing a level of technological wizardry that is more than supported by the sonic explorations forwarded by the local guitarist (one who appears in a number of groups including Cairns, Honeymooners, and more). Generation / Moon Inside captures Smith at this moment, distilling the gestures into one holistic and expanding work that demands multiple listens


C. Olivia Valenza- Noumena/Bruises

Fresh Milwaukee blood, bringing dense drones and free improvisations that flutter between heavy and delicate in equal parts. It's the sort of release that seems to cover more ground than it responsibly should, taking a kitchen sink approach that never seems overburdened or weighted down. Guest appearances from Nicholas Elert and Anthony D'Agostino to boot!


Pleasure Thief- Cthonios

Best known for her virtuosic and soulful vocal work in groups like No/No, Cat Ries normally brings a dark, soulful and occultist approach to elctro-R&B jams to her project Pleasure Thief. However, Cthonios finds Ries in a more meditative mode, droning out ambient sounds with barely there vocals mixed deep within the crevices of these two tracks. Deeply spiritual and cleansing. Let the sound wash over you as your mind wanders.


Murder in the Red Barn + Guns Blazing- Space Album/Smell Where the Real Power Is

It seems like a lot of people forgot about the early 2000's math rock scene that formed in Milwaukee and it's a damn shame. A whole group of people inspired by first wave post-rock, early screamo, Chicago-style math rock, and more got together and started a whole bunch of incredible bands. For my money, Murder in the Red Barn was the best of them. Brooding, dark, technical and terrifying, the group sounded like nothing else before or since. All of the bands the members started within that scene, including Guns Blazing, were also incredible. So when I heard that both of these bands hand unreleased albums, I jumped at the opportunity. The Guns Blazing material is the exact kind of ripping math rock you'd expect from those folks. Murder in the Red Barn's "Space Album" is a sci-fi concept album that birthed the Fuiguirnet group. A glimpse into what Milwaukee used to call home and it's remarkable.


Kyle Flanagan-
Mind Eraser

During the tour I did in the summer of 2018, I caught a lot of incredible acts but Kyle Flanagan's set in Richmond, VA was a stand out for me. The pacing, texture, dynamic and sense of composition all felt incredible fresh despite the tone being classic American harsh noise. On Mind Eraser, Flanagan comes in with a halting and stilted set of harsh vibes that throw the listener immediately off kilter. It's a short one, but the vibe is beyond strange. Enjoy the ride.



To talk about harsh noise in any of its forms (but especially HNW) without discussing the work of Taskmaster is to leave out one of today's most detailed and skilled craftsmen. Exorbitantly heavy walls of distortion explode through your speakers on every release, but the level of detail in the shifting textures that fills those walls is unparalleled. This release is no exception. Crushing, overwhelming, heavy, and harsh. Another incredible work from a modern day master.


The Smudge + Bachelorette Party + Dan of Earth + Lucky Bone-
We Made Some Sounds

For whatever reason, the organizers of the Milwaukee Maker Faire decided that they wanted to have a noise show at the event. They asked me to set one up and I immediately agreed. Lodged between bumper cars, a gigantic fire breathing dragon, and a bunch of wacky bicycles, some of Milwaukee's best noise artists blazed through ripping sets. Highly diverse and individual, yet cohesive and powerful in it's own way. A great testament to the strength of Milwaukee's noise community at present. Bonus track includes field recordings of all the artists making different things. Enjoy.


To Those Who Murder Bison From the Train

Split 12" based around themes of addiction, drug culture, and the sociocultural/political climate that surrounds both. xAxFxTx side presents a serious slab of harsh noise-tinged PE with influence from the history of the genre while the Wertham side rests entirely in the realm of heavy synths/death industrial inflected PE. Get pissed, then listen.

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