OUT NOW/EARLY: The Rita + Breaking the Will + Dan of Earth + More!

Got my act together and decided to drop these new tapes a bit early! Heads up on both of these- if you want me to mail them right away then order now. I will be on tour from 5/25-6/3, so any orders in that time will not be sent until at least the 4th.

The Rita + Breaking the Will + Flesh Trade + Writhe
X Means Not Welcome, Vol. II

From it’s onset, hardcore has served an important artistic purpose: giving a means and a voice to those that want to turn back on the status quo and violently scream their objections. I’ve personally seen noise as another artform that shares this purpose: where hardcore focuses on political processes, noise shifts towards artistic and aesthetic status quos. “X Means Not Welcome” aims to bridge the two allowing space for artists to rail against an acceptance of drug use as the norm through highly antagonistic sounds. From The Rita’s signature brand of harsh noise wall to Breaking the Will’s cut up mastery, the glitched out assault from Flesh Trade, and the suffocating drones of Writhe, this comp brings four distinct approaches to the same goal: shaming people into thinking that drugs are dumb. I’m biased, but I think it’s a compelling argument.


Dan of Earth
Thank you for the pickles- Lu

A few months back, my friend Dan Schierl (of Dan of Earth inventor of the Bibletron line of synths) posted a picture of a thank you note he got from his friend Lu. The note included a drawing of a capybara (one of Dan’s favorite animals) wearing a tie with the moon in the background, Dan of Earth in an off-kilter font, and the phrase “Thanks for the Pickles- Lu” written at the bottom. I told Dan that if he let me use that image I would put a tape out for him and here we are. Two slabs of static harsh noise created with unaffected bibletrons. Side A pulls from the tradition of HNW and Side B treads into a no input mixer aesthetic. Pretty classic “noise tape,” ya know?


Both Tapes

Hey, so you want both tapes? Well but them together and save a few bucks.


The "Dan of Earth is Awesome" Bundle

FTAM has released a bunch of stuff from Dan Schierl of Dan of Earth. Get all of it at the same time. This means you're picking up the new Dan of Earth tape, 1 LOT tape, 5 Phoned Nil Trio Tapes, 1 Phoned Nil Trio double 3" cdr and the out of print Dan of Earth 3" cdr if I can find it.



All of the straight edge stuff I have left in the catalogue. The new X Means Not Welcome comp, two xALLxFORxTHISx tapes, the Plague Mother tape, the Peter J. Woods tape + 3" cdr, and the Blessed Sacrifist 3" cdr.