Planet Fitness + Hypertrophy Pre-orders Available NOW!

Hello everyone! Two pre-orders for two new releases are now available on the bandcamp. These albums will be officially released next Wednesday, but you can put in an order now to make sure you get one (which I highly suggest with the Planet Fitness box, since it is limited to 25 copies).

The members and employees of Planet Fitness- Live from the no judgement zone: mapping the sonic ecologies of southeastern wisconsin’s planet fitness locations

In January of 2020, I tweeted about the sound happening inside of my local planet fitness. on top of the usual clanging and banging and low lying pop music, a yoga class was blasting ambient music. It sounded wild. The person manning the Planet Fitness twitter told me to make a mixtape. So I did. This box set contains field recordings of seven different workouts at seven different Planet Fitness locations (and one workout in my basement to balance out the sides), clocking in at just over six and a half hours of music. In practice, the field recordings take on a whole new life when removed from the visuals of the gym environment. Part ambient, part industrial, part minimal techno, part eavesdropping, each tape holds its own unique character and adds to the archival feel of the release.

Hypertrophy- Fitness is...

Hailing from New York, Hypertrophy is the conceptual noise project of Anthony Saunders (Bastard Noise, EID) centered on the themes of body building and power lifting. An avid power lifter himself, Saunders draws on the cultures of extreme exercise and channels it through a highly technical approach to cut up techniques and harsh noise textures. On "Fitness is...", Saunders remixes field recordings of Planet Fitness locations from the "Live from the no judgement zone" box set (with a few Planet Fitness commercials thrown in to the mix) in a way that highlights, amplifies, and reframes the sonic environment of the gym. In doing so, Saunders creates an entirely new landscape, one simultaneously familiar and alien in equal parts.