Pre-Order your CREDENTIALS shirt now!

Welcome to 2021! I'm here to start off your year with an attempt to squeeze some money out of you. Oh joy!

Here's the deal- my band CREDENTIALS is in the middle of finishing out debut album. We're inches from finalizing mixes and then have to master the whole thing. But doing all of this is expensive, so we're trying to raise some funds to get ourselves past the finish line. So we made a shirt!

The image on the shirt was created by local artist Eric Mayer and will also be the cover of the album when it's done. Plus we're getting them printed locally through Stay Rad Screen Printing, so you get to support a lot of Milwaukee artists when you order one!

PLEASE NOTE- This is just a pre-order at the moment. We're going to leave this up for about a month and then print them in February. So you should have the shirts by the beginning of March if you do order.

Also, we might add in some extra colors + a long sleeve option if these do well?! Wild times, everyone.

Anyways, click away if you want some new swag!