Pre-Orders on New Batch (C. Vadi + Territorial Gobbing + Normal Rituals) Available Now!

Hey folks! Three new tapes coming at you! You can pre-order them now on Bandcamp or just wait until February 8th and order them through this here website. Either way, tapes! Here's what they are all about:

Territorial Gobbing- Hot Singles in Your Area

Fresh blood from the UK, bringing a barely held together chopped up mess of cluttered metal and destroyed samples. According to the artist, "This album began as an attempt at making pop singles. Doing off-kilter kinda rapping over locked groove beats. Wasted a whole summer trying and failing to get this to work. Eventually I fed all these into my reel-to-reel to slow them right down to have a swing at making a dub record."

C. Vadi- Woodland Synthesis

Woodland Synthesis is Milwaukee drone/ambient artist C. Vadi taking the opportunity to get the hell out of the city. Each track was recorded on site at one of Wisconsin's state parks, blending the field recordings of the natural setting with the highly non-natural sounds of droning synthesizers. Together, it produces a perfect marriage of these two worlds, offering a highly soothing auditory balm to whatever ails you.

Normal Rituals- Double Gesture

Following on the heals of their debut physical release on Absurd Exposition, Double Gesture finds Normal Rituals (the duo of Eli Smith and Peter J. Woods) in a more exploratory mindset. Rather than focusing on the swift blasts of harsh noise and computer glitch, this new release allows space for the dynamics to slowly unfold as scrap metal, prepared guitar, and rudimentary synthesizers clash together and create a focused yet encompassing soundscape.