Sale in Anticipation of a new batch!

There is a new batch on the way! Hopefully going down this spring! In order to generate some funds and clear out some space in my basement, I'm throwing down on this sale. $20 in the US and $35 in the rest of the world gets you:

-Any 6 tapes/7"s/3" cdrs


-Any 1 LP and any 3 tapes/7"s/3" cdrs

All of which are listed in text form below. Please list all titles in the text box (artist names are sufficient).

List tapes/LPS here

Andrew Weathers- Rock & Roll Can and Will Heal Us
A Bleaker Teen Lip- Downgraded Saved Arrows
Crank Sturgeon- Sitting on Sandwiches / Folk & Gravel
Plague Mother- I've Written Pages of Daggers to be Read by your Perfect Fucking Eyes
Justin Marc Lloyd- Elysium Cove Mirror
Peter J. Woods and Kingston Family Singers- Summer Tour 2k14
Peter J Woods Free Jazz Ensemble- The Foreman. The Woman. The Widow. The Beast.
LOT- Have you experienced ultimate power? Have you wrapped your tiny fingers around the wheel?
xALLxFORxTHISx- Bath Salts b/w Spice
xALLxFORxTHISx- This Is The Disease You Chose
Bridges of Königsberg- Fortifications
Amanda Schoofs and Peter J. Woods- Early Works
Being- Ghosts of Reality
Peter J Woods Free Jazz Ensemble- My Head was a Sledgehammer
Hostage Pageant- Punishment Repetition
Dr Rhomboid Goatcabin- Slunt Vape
Climax Denial- Tantra I
Invertabit- Bug Powder Junkie
Citizen 2-13- A Violent Means Til the End
Peter J Woods Free Jazz Ensemble- Unpublished Studies in Adulthood
Peter J Woods- On Boredom
Phoned Nil Trio- Milwaukee Architecture, vol. I-V
An Extremely Loud Silence- Rockaby
Partly Zombish- August Cake and the Cardboard Sessions
Nummy- S/T

Peter J Woods- Impure Gold, pt. II
Peter J Woods- Impure Gold, pt. I
E=MC Hammer/Zebras split LP

7" Records
Noveller- Wolf

3" CDrs
False Flag- Metal Birds
Phoned Nil Trio- Big Time Weepers
Evolve + Wesley Charles Tank- Split
Peter J Woods- Where We Belong
Instinct Control- Who We Are
Peter J Woods + Instinct Control- What We've Done
Blessed Sacrifist- Timeless Losers
KBD- Candid
Ratatosk- Black Earth
Lucky Bone- Non-hypnotic Catatonic
Realicide- Raw Skeletal Knuckles