Saturday, December 1st
RECTRIX- Heavy and dark electronics from one of the members of Bonedust and the Dirt Palace.

SLOW OWLS- Local tape loop murk and grime.

BOOTSLAVE- Raw AF harsh noise/PE

The Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts (926 E Center)
All Ages//8:00//$6-12 Sliding Scale

Thursday, January 3rd
VENEREAL CRUSH- Deep ambient from Bob Bucko JR of Personal Archives.

SWWJ- Free jazz rising from the ashes of the Peter J Woods Free Jazz Ensemble.

ONE MORE FINAL I NEED YOU- Free jazz for the emotionally damaged

The Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts (926 E Center)
All Ages//8:00//$6-12 Sliding Scale

Tuesday, January 8th
EMPATHY FAMILY- Delicate drones from RI.

CREDENTIALS- First show from this mathy/noisy/post-rock band featuring members of Murder in the Red Barn, No/No, and Galactic Cannibal

TAYLOR CAMPBELL- Depressive R&B Jams from Taylor of Sufferhead

Cactus Club (1496 Wentworth Ave)
21+//9:00//$6-12 Sliding Scale

Saturday, January 26th
Seven Images- Screening of a brand new film by Peter J. Woods and Greg Kowalski. Collects seven performance pieces from Woods over the past 5 or so years.

The Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts (926 E Center)
All Ages//8:00//$6-12 Sliding Scale

The 2018 Experimental Education Series

The 2018 Experimental Education Series is a brand new music series presented by FTAM Productions, Freespace, WMSE, and the UW-Madison Network Fellowship. The four performances, spread out across 2018 but all happening at the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts, will have two big goals: educate and amplify.

In regards to education, a workshop or lecture will accompany all four performances earlier in the day. These events will provide audience members with a glimpse into both the process of the featured performer and what these performers value and look for in experimental music. This focus will allow those new to experimental music to become acquainted with this often opaque genre and also give those seasoned listeners a chance to dig deeper into these fantastic artists’ work.

As for amplification, the programming for EES specifically aims to amplify the voices of female artists in experimental music. In an attempt to battle (in some small part) the false notion that experimental music, and noise in particular, is nothing but a boys club, all of the featured performers are either women or groups featuring women. And they also happen to be some of the best artists working in any genre, so there’s also that.

MARCH 3rd- Forced Into Femininity w/ Local Support from Lucky Bone, C Olivia Valenza, Dinitrephenol

MAY 5th- Sara Zalek w/ Local Support from Cooperative Performance

SEPTEMBER 1st- Victoria Shen w/ Local Support from August Traeger, Nummy, and Adoptahighway

NOVEMBER 3rd- Andrea Pensado w/ Local Support from Climax Denial, C. Vadi, and Mommy

All shows take place at The Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts (926 E Center St)
All Ages//$6-12 Suggested Donation
4:00 Workshop//8:00 Concert

The Noise Knowledge Consortium

A low key, informal, all local version of the EES! Happening during the afternoon on the third saturday of every month. Same workshop and concert set up, but with only two acts.

Schedule October 20th- Neil Gravander (of Lucky Bone)
November 17th- Erik Schoster (of hecanjog)
December 15th- Peter J. Woods
January 19th- Dan Schierl (of Dan of Earth)
February 16th- The Smudge
March 16th- Amanda Schoofs

Presented with Present Music
All shows take place at Brinn Labs (433 E Stewart)
All Ages//$5 Suggested Donation
2:00 Workshop//3:30 Concert

For any questions on upcoming shows (including booking requests in Milwaukee), feel free to email I probably won't be able to help, as I am hesitant to get back into the booking game full fledged, but at the very least I can point you in the right direction.