Updated Distro and Brand New Sales

Hello friends!

We've reached that time of year where I start to get my act together so I can put out a new batch of releases. Hopefully I will be dropping 6 new tapes AND a new pro-press CD AND a new split 12" by late spring. Of course, to do that I need to generate some funds and make a bit of space. So I put together a few sales to help fund the endeavor (see the pretty pictures below).

I also spent some time organizing and updating my distro. All of these items are included in the sale if you want. I would also love to hear from anyone who wants to do some trades so I can build my stock back up. If you are interested, shoot me an email with your catalog and we can get rolling.


A Whole Bunch of Stuff

Pick out any 6 tapes/cds/cdrs/7" records OR 1 LP and 3 tapes/cds/cdrs/7" records and I will sell 'em to ya for cheap. This also applies to anything in the distro (which you can find here. Just let me know what you need when you order or send a separate email to ftamproductions@gmail.com


A Whole Bunch of Shirts

One of each of the old band shirts I have lying around. This includes:

-Peter J. Woods "Sharpie Attack" shirt (Red/Black ink)
-Peter J. Woods "Burning Building" shirt (Grey/Black ink)
-Mountain Language "Logo" shirt (Grey/White ink)
-Raffle House "Collected Discography" shirt (Black/White ink)

Some shirts are running low on specific sizes so feel free to email beforehand to see what I have left